Garmisch Zugspitze – A ski resort worth visiting?

Yes, definitely!

I was able to ski there two times this month and I enjoyed it very much. It is only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Munich to the resort so if you are visiting Munich in the winter and you are a fan of the winter sports this where you should be. It will cost you around a 100 euros to get there from Munich, to rent ski and to pay for the ski pass. Keep in mind that with the ski pass you are not paying only for the slopes, but also for the view.

I was not able to see many snowboarders, but even if that is your sport Garmisch will still not disappoint you.

You can also find many restaurants in the resort for a quick break or a longer meal. We were able to finish the day with a cup of hot chocolate, which is exactly what you need after a whole day skiing.


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